Behind the Scenes, Awkward Shooting Positions, and Meg.

Weddings are my favorite thing to shoot. With every wedding there’s a different and unique love story, family/relationship dynamic, location, approach and style, along with many unique details that make the wedding day stand alone, even though it holds the same thread of traditions from one hundred years previous. Wedding days are also the hardest to shoot. 8(ish) hours of not sitting down once, sometimes skipping a meal, running haywire from the groom, to the bride, and back again to make sure the schedule comes together and stays on time. Equipment is heavy, days are long, and there’s the pressure of documenting and locking away each moment of the greatest day of someone’s life. I get to laugh with folks, and if anyone’s crying you better believe that triggers tears for me and I’m crying right along with them. Adrenaline runs high for me on a wedding day– even hours into the night after the wedding is over and I’ve crawled into bed with “Wobble” or “Uptown Funk” stuck in my head. I love it all.

Below are a few “behind the scenes” pictures, many taken by my friend and second shooter, Meg.

I’ll shuffle and straighten a wedding dress on average 34.2 times a wedding day.

I call this the “LDP” or, Labor and Delivery Position. I told Meg not to take this picture of me, but my request was too late. Good thing I had pants on for this particular wedding, no? I also had to edit my knees out of the final picture. I suppose I could have spread them wider to avoid getting them in the shot, but, you know, #it’salreadyunladylikeenough
It’s not what you think.
I’m helping the nice groom remove the threads that keep the suit coat tail together. I’m sure this made him very uncomfortable. I was a tad uncomfortable, anyway.
I look at these pictures and wonder if I delivered my orders gently enough. 😉 It doesn’t appear that way, does it!?

If I shoot alone, a selfie in a mirror is(n’t) necessary!

I really could afford to be a few inches taller, but I make due.

Meg is a good subject to test light and settings. She never fails to make me laugh with what she comes up with when my eye is looking through the viewfinder at her.

A bit about Meg- she is my juice at weddings. She gives me the energy, comic relief, and encouragement that I need on a wedding day. She keeps my schedule in her pocket to help keep me organized and on time! After going on 6 hours at a wedding day when all I want is to sit down and stuff my face with wedding cake, I love to look at her from across the reception venue and see what sarcastic look she will throw at me. I’m so thankful that she shoots with me. She’s a pretty durn-good photographer, too. If you live in the Manhattan area, I recommend you contacting her for pictures!


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