Behind the Scenes

I don’t know about anyone else out there, but I love to look “behind the scenes”. Maybe it’s something about how my brain works, but I think it’s cool to see how stuff is done; how things are made. Even when I was little I remember taking apart old alarm clocks and even cameras and looking inside at all of the wires and gadgets to see how things fit together.

Earlier this week, I blogged Colton’s newborn Session. His momma, Angie, took some pictures of me taking pictures! Photographers usually don’t get their pictures taken as they are always the ones behind the camera. Needless to say, it’s cool for me to have a picture of myself doing something I enjoy so much.  And, I had to laugh at myself, because I didn’t know I was such an acrobat when I take pictures! Maybe that’s a new tip: Hire a flexible photographer.

After each of the photos that Angie took of me, I inserted the picture that I was taking. Kinda cool, huh? A simple setup of blankets, a Boppy pillow, and some good light can help achieve some great images!  Thank you, Angie, for giving me these pictures!

Please enjoy a “Behind the Scenes” look into a segment of a newborn photo session!
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