My Selah

Where to begin? My daughter turned four today, and I took her out recently to do some pictures to mark the occasion! These pictures give me a range of emotions! I’m happy that she is mine. I’m sad that she is growing up so fast! I’m proud that she has such a spectacular personality. She makes me smile; she makes me laugh. Her random hugs make my day, and my ears love to hear her voice.

I LOVE taking pictures of my own kids, and this time was no different. I took Selah several places downtown and then stopped near a field for a few more with some great light!

I think you’ll see the range of her personality in these pictures, and even a few outtakes of her dance moves at the end. I know there are lots of photos here, but I just couldn’t pick any favorites! I liked them all, and I hope you do as well!

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