Portrait of a Friday Night ::a night in our life::

Our 5-9. Here’s a look into a basic Friday night at the Myers. You may not find anything fancy here, but for me, this is what I’ll remember life to be. It’s very special to me.  It will be what I can look back on to remember the simplicity of an evening. A night in the life. A night in our life. This let’s the viewer into a somewhat intimate part of our life. But for the sake of memories, I’m all in.

When I hear the garage door opening, the stresses of my day come to a calm. I’m usually in the kitchen preparing dinner, and I peek out the kitchen window to see Matt’s car pulling in the driveway. I hear the car turn off- the car door close. Leading to one of my favorite sights which is my husband walking through the door. I look forward to this hour all day.
He usually walks over to give me a hug and kiss. A lot of times I play hard to get.
He gives the other women in his life a hug. Something I love to watch. This probably won’t last forever.
The girls follow him into our bedroom as he unloads his pockets and removes the watch from his wrist. From the kitchen, I can hear giggles and wrestling on the bed; stories about the day.
As dinner cooks on the stove, I unload the dishwasher, getting it ready for the next load of dishes. I’m thankful for my dishwasher. It’s a luxury that not everyone has.
(camera on self timer)
C is always good to help me set the table and fill drinks. She’s such a servant. And, typical A…giggling at something, being a clown.
The party on the bed in the bedroom has now moved to the living room. Laughter and wrestling and stories continue.
She comes in for hugs- priceless.
We sit down for dinner. These minutes go too fast.
The kitchen gets cleaned up from dinner, and on a night like tonight, it’s low key. Nothing on the agenda, so we’re just hanging out.
C takes pictures of the dog, and checks her Snapchat. (on my phone)
She got a little too rowdy with the dog and ended up getting scratched right under the eye.
While I was attending to C, S got in trouble and ended up in time-out. From the corner she says, “Pssst! Mom! Commeer! Psssst!” It’s one of those things that shouldn’t fly, but it’s too funny. And once a parent has laughed, any type of further punishment is pointless. Parent fail. Can I get a witness?
She’s too sensitive to be tough.
Somewhere in all the madness of the eye scratch and time out, we lost A. Dad went in there to check on her…
…and then we all ended up in the bed.
S asks me to “nuggow” (snuggle) a lot. Never can resist that request.
Typical, really.
Flash card contests.
More time outs.
Bath time.
Dad did something funny. Again. S laughs. Love this photo for the mess. Undies hanging from a dresser knob. Clothes hanging out of the dresser. Toys on the floor. The typical procrastination of getting on pj’s.
We sent the girls to brush their teeth. A buzz sent us in to check on them. A. started playing with Matt’s shaver…for whatever reason she thought it was hilarious that she figured out how to turn it on. But then again, she laughs at everything…nothing new here.
Bedtime stories. By now, everything in me wants to be done with the evening, and go to the couch to “turn off”. But these last few minutes before lights out are always precious. Again, they won’t last forever.
I love how she leans over the top bunk for me to kiss her head.
Lights out.

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