Project MOMS ::Abigail::

After my last Project: MOMS shoot with Elizabeth, Abigail contacted me asking if I could photograph her for the project. I had not met Abigail before, but found out that we know a few of the same people. Cool.

I asked Abigail in an email what she liked to do with her daughter, and she said that she walks with her through the garden sometimes. I loved this idea, as it is unique to my project.

When I arrived at Abigail’s house, we walked around the to the back of the yard to where her cute little garden was. It was neatly tended to in rows with cucumbers, beans, tomatoes, and corn beginning to sprout. Abigail walked through gently, with a baby in one arm, and a bowl of cucumbers in the other.

Abigail is a sweet mom! It was great to meet her and have her be a part of my project. I hope these pictures will help Abigail remember this summer, as it will be unique to her lifetime.

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