Thoughts on a Monday

a summation of my recent thoughts and experiences

on unique jewelry- This past weekend, me and the girls went to Autumn & Art. It’s an art fair put on by the local shopping center, Bradley Fair, here in Wichita (the vendors are local and nationwide). I came across the booth of a goldsmith and I fell in love with his jewelry. At the time, he was busy helping other customers, so I didn’t talk to him about how much his pieces were, and we moved on. But for the rest of the weekend, I couldn’t get those jewelry pieces out of my head. I ended up going back Sunday afternoon to see the jewelry again. Side note: if you know me, you know that I’m not a wearer of much jewelry. My wedding ring, a right hand ring, and maybe a necklace, if I’m feeling extra schnazzy. I’ve just never been into bejeweling myself. This jewelry was so incredibly unique. It kept drawing me in! After I found out the price of the rings, I knew I couldn’t walk home with a new ring on my finger. Well, I could have, but Matt would not have been happy with me. What I did do, was take his business card, and drop the hint to Matt that I found the goldsmith of my dreams. He can log the info away for future use (wink*) Take a look at the jewelry on his website
I’m particularly partial to the triangular ring sets.

on fingernail polish– Why can’t it stay on longer than 26 hours?!

on dresser drawers–  I have this bad habit of leaving my dresser drawers open after I pull out a garment. For the last almost 12 years that we’ve been married, Matt has quietly come behind me and closed the drawers. Only a few times has he made a comment to me about closing them after I’m done. Well, guess what? My bad habit is improving. Why? Because Matt has begun to leave his dresser drawers open and it’s driving. me. nuts.  I haven’t said anything, for obvious reasons of the plank in my eye. But I think he is doing it on purpose to teach me a lesson. I think he’s had enough of pushing my drawers closed and he’s silently retaliating. I won’t admit to him that he’s won. If he’s lucky, he’ll read it here, but I don’t know if he even reads this blog…so, we’ll leave this as “to be continued.”

on kittens– I love them. Especially my Audie’s new kitten. She has 25 toes and her paws look like chameleon’s feet (Non-mutant cats only have 18 toes). Aud named her “Clawdia” and she’s the cutest thing.



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