Thoughts on Sunday

a summation of my recent thoughts and experiences

on Matt–  I love the white in his beard. It makes me smile. Sitting across from him on a date last Monday I was thankful for such a good man. Our marriage by no means is perfect, or anywhere near it. In fact, we maybe have more struggles than successes. But I am thankful that both of us can think maturely in the way we can step outside of a situation and really reason with defining what is right and best.  He is good at it, and I learn from him.

on jeans-  
I’ve been on a search for a good pair of jeans. I used to feel really solid and comfortable in jeans from the Gap. But over the last year, I have acquired something…different…in the shape from my belly button down, and my jeans just don’t fit anymore. I’m having trouble finding a brand that works.  If I had it my way, I’d take us all back to the Garden of Eden and just wear skin. Maybe a leaf or two, here or there…but how freeing would it be to not have to worry about fitting into clothes! And I literally mean FITTING INTO CLOTHES.

on swimming pools- thank you Jesus for swimming pools in the summertime. Loving the time at the pool!

on photography–  I have been able to meet some really amazing people through my years in running a photography business. I never want to take for granted the opportunities I have come across and the relationships I have made. I’ll take it for as long as I am willed to, and I desire to keep pushing and becoming better, all while becoming simpler.  I love shooting!

on aging- the lovely woman pictured above has entrusted me with a lot of her “end of life” decisions. We sat and talked about how conversations about the future are complicated, sometimes scary, and not always pleasant. But this woman has aged so beautifully and so wisely. I want to learn from her, and be as elegant as she in facing the future. Also, not forgetting to look ahead the the “better life that is yet to come.”

on grammar– I’m definitely not a grammar buff.  I’m positive this blog post and all others that I do have grammar mistakes. But let’s all take a lesson here in learning the difference between “a part” and “apart”  You’re thankful to be A PART (two words!) of yada-yadda.
Yesterday, I got to be a part (TWO WORDS) of yadda-yadda.
I’ve been apart (one word!) from my friend so long, I can’t wait to be united again.
Grammar mistakes don’t bug me…except for this one.


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