In keeping up with the Monaghan’s, and their son Nathaniel’s journey, I went to the hospital this morning to photograph a  bone marrow aspiration and an intrathecal chemo treatment. Since my last update and blog post a few days ago, Nathaniel developed bumps under his skin, similar to the bumps he had before being diagnosed with AML. This could possibly mean that the Leukemia has returned.

I wrestled with whether or not to post these pictures in a blog post. Understand that Sean and Christina have asked me to photograph this difficult time in their life. While I am honored that they are allowing me into their lives- especially at a time that is so emotional, it’s a different road for me as a photographer. Most of the time I am capturing smiles and laughter. It’s different to take a photograph of someone’s tears. I can’t say that I like it- there’s a feeling of guilt in me that I’m exposing another individual’s pain. Also, just the fact that these images are pretty graphic. But, for the sake of the Monaghan’s family who are distant by miles, and for the many people who are praying, it’s a real picture into the Monaghan’s life, and a service  to stay in touch. The Monaghan’s need our prayers and they need encouragement.

I downloaded a picture from the Facebook Page Prayers for Nathaniel and added  it to the end of this post to show that Nathaniel was all smiles after his procedure today. Follow the link and “Like” the page. I’m sure Sean and Christina would appreciate your prayers for them.

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