Wichita Family Photography ::Balandran Family::

A family with 3 boys. Something I’m not familiar with, but love to be around! Since I only have daughters, when I’m around boys on photo shoots I have tons of fun. Picking up sticks and tapping them on trees, running around, making “boy noises”… it’s all a good ‘ol time. Greg and Joy have the cutest little family, in my opinion. And while I try not to talk a lot about how beautiful someone is (beauty on the inside is what I like to see!), I do have to mention Joy’s outer beauty. She is absolutely stunning!  Everything about her is just gorgeous and classy!
Our shoot took place in Andover earlier this week and I had a great time with the Balandran’s. Their family is so sweet, it’s an absolute pleasure to know them. Thanks, guys!
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