3 Photographers I like (and why)

I love that there are so many ways to express yourself as an artist. In the photography world, there are many photographers with different styles, different visions, different ways of producing an image. Each artist has their own taste, and it’s a neat thing to see each person produce their version of art.

There’s also the receiving end of the art- the consumer. Each consumer has their own taste of what they like. And, they hire the artist that they like, to produce the results they’d like to have hanging on their walls, or sitting on the dresser in their bedroom.

Here’s 3 photographers that I like. As a consumer, I appreciate the art they produce and the vision they have.
As a producer, I’ll hope that my images have a bit of these artist’s qualities within them, all while keeping, growing, holding, and always creating, my own style and vision.

1. Justin Hackworth- He produces images that seem to be your basic “at home” pictures, but somehow, they are magical. They are classy. They are easy. I also love his passion behind picture taking. He’s about capturing the memories, and making and recording history.

2. Christian Gideon- Hauntingly beautiful pictures. The pictures he puts out have a depth to them that leaves you searching inside the image you are viewing. Your eyes are drawn in, you are captivated, and it almost seems like you become a part of the picture. He’s gifted.

3. Roger Ellsworth- His photos have a vintage feel to them, but somehow, “vintage” seems like only yesterday. His eye for photography is unexpected, and produces the images that I’ve never seen before. They are interesting and carry a unique beauty that’s different from the rest.

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