Lifestyle Family Photography- Wichita, Kansas

I owe much of my photography journey to this family right here. Thanks to Shelby’s love of family pictures, we have done more photo sessions together than I can count on my hands…and maybe my toes too. I started photographing them almost 4 years ago when Shelby was pregnant with Joslyn. I followed them with pictures for the first year of Joslyn’s life, and then again with Finn’s. I can’t thank Justan and Shelby enough for giving me opportunity after opportunity to make progress on the skill of photography over the years. They were patient while I learned, agreeable to new techniques that I would try, and encouraged and cheered for me along the way. I hope that these photo sessions will continue to happen in great number over the years, cause I really love this family!
I do have to insert a little commentary about this little girl, Joslyn. First of all, I feel that I have a bond with her because of her curls. If you have curly hair, you will understand what I speak about here.

Secondly, her spunk. I love her spunk. You can see it well in the expressions below.

A curly haired, spunky girl? I can relate. That’s my kind of gal.