Life is Precious- Part 3

I can’t express enough how much of a privilege it is to step into someone’s life to document it. Sometimes, it feels like I’m a fly on the wall, and I get to see the emotions that a family dynamic has.  When something can be so emotional as a family member with with a life-altering disease, it’s even more-so a privilege. I also see it as a responsibility- I want to deliver a gift that can be treasured- especially in a situation as delicate as this.

Nathaniel is undergoing another round of chemotherapy. I was able to stop by the office and get a few photos of him getting his treatment for the day. When I walked in, the room was dimly lit, and a lullaby playing, as he rested while getting his infusion. He’s taking it like a champ.
I’ve really fallen in love with this little guy.