My Mom and the Best Sticky Buns Ever

My personal photography project is all about moms. You’d think it would be obvious that my own mother would have been one of the first I’d take a picture of. Shame on me, I hadn’t included my mom in my project yet. (For the record, my project has quite a ways to go until it’s finished, I would have gotten my mom in there eventually!)

I told my mom (Joyce) a couple of weeks ago that I needed to take her picture. Well, she’s not a fan of having her picture taken, but, I tell ya- My mom is an angel and she’s too nice to say no. When she came over the other day with a plate of sticky buns, I knew it was the right time to take her picture!

Let’s talk about these sticky buns for a bit. My mom has made them for years. As far back as I can remember, my mom’s sticky buns were the ultimate treat at breakfast time. Microwave ’em for 8 seconds, and dip each bite in salty butter. The bread is soft and cinnamon-y, and the sticky caramel topping is as comforting as it comes. And the best part? The taste the same every time. She’s got the recipe down to a science, and the sticky buns I eat today are the same sticky buns I remember tasting for the last (almost) 30 years.

Growing up, I’d hide sticky buns in the back corner of the freezer. Doing this, I’d hope to win out on a few more sticky buns than what my sister would get. I still do this today. When my mom makes a new batch of sticky buns, she brings some over. Of course, the girls want some right away, and I tell them “no.”  Then, I wrap the sticky buns up individually in saran wrap, and hide them in different parts of the freezer. The kids maybe get one or two for breakfast over the next couple of days, but this gives me several to savor over the following couple of weeks. Selfish? Maybe. But the sticky buns are that good. And, the girls aren’t old enough to appreciate the time and effort that goes into making these sticky buns. They scarf them down in just a couple of minutes. These sticky buns need to be savored. And, they are best placed on the tongue of those who appreciate a good bakery product.

It’s on my bucket list to learn how to make these sticky buns. I’ve attempted the recipe a time or two, but they’re just not the same as how my mom makes them. My mom making (and sharing!) her sticky buns is just one of the things I appreciate about her. Maybe another day and another post I can brag on her a bit more. For now, I’ll just state that she’s a good woman,  I’m proud of her, and she makes killer sticky buns.
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