Short Letters on a Monday

A series of short letters to sum my recent thoughts and experiences.

Dear Winter, Please make your way out of town very soon. I’m looking forward to longer, warmer, and greener days.

Dear Beyonce, The next time you perform at the Superbowl, would you consider me to be one of your backup dancers? Thanks.

And speaking of the Superbowl…

Dear NFL, Thank you for being over.

Dear Clients, Thank you for letting me into your life to photograph your intimate moments. There are many of these moments approaching this year, and I can’t wait to record them.

Dear Mom, Thanks for always cleaning out my fridge for me. (And no, I don’t mean clean in the eating sense, I literally mean cleaning…)

Dear Biotin, Are you working? I long for lengthy locks and we don’t seem to be getting anywhere.

Sea foam at Clearwater Beach, taken on my recent trip to Florida.

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