Thoughts on a Monday

a summation of my recent thoughts and experiences

on reading- there have been several books I have read lately that I have really enjoyed. I really liked two of Jeannette Walls books, and will probably look into reading more of her work. The books I read were memoirs, which I think are my favorite kind of genre to read. It’s awesome to step inside of another person’s thoughts and dealings. There’s lots to learn from it. Do any of you have any good memoir recommendations?

on friendships- the more days that pass, the more I am thankful for my true and genuine relationships. Bonding seems to be a rarity… to me, anyway.
on Kansas- We travelled to Kansas City a couple weekends ago. I took the above picture out of the car window in the Flint Hills. Kansas really is beautiful. I’ve been to quite a few places, in the US, but also Europe, Asia, and Central America. Much of this earth is so beautiful, and there is still beauty that is yet to be seen for me! But something about Kansas is really grand. I like it.

on smiling-  Smile instead of frown. Where does this simple thought come from, you ask? My youngest daughter made a growly face at a friend on Saturday morning. Later, I asked her if she thought it would make someone feel better to be frowned at or smiled at? My daughter immediately began to cry. She knew that frowning at someone didn’t feel good. A smile goes a lot of miles!

on smiling for a picture- I like it better when you don’t. If you care to know why, I’ll tell ya. Just ask.

here’s me sorta smiling for a picture…breaking my own “rule”

on Amazon Prime- 
I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Amazon Prime just wins. But now they have outdone themselves! I got an email with news that they now have a “surprise sweets” offer. Click a button, and in a day or two, you get a box of sweets at your door. Hello!? This is a win on so many levels for me. A surprise, AND mail, AND sweets! SO FUN!!!

on schedules- for the last 10 years I haven’t really had a wake-up schedule. And in all honestly, besides the very occasional early wake-up, my eyes haven’t seen anything but my eyelids before 7:15 am. Now that my oldest daughter is going to school this year (instead of being homeschooled) I’ll have to actually set an alarm (agh! I’d rather eat worms!). The last time I set an alarm on a daily schedule was when I worked at Andover Middle School in 2006. Matt said he didn’t feel sorry for me. I told him he would be sorry when he had a grumpy wife to deal with. HA! This is very contrasting for me, because I am a very organized, scheduled, and detailed person. You’d think I’d love waking up and getting the day started. I suppose I do. But I love my bed more. *wink*


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