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I know you. You’re the mom that wants nice pictures of your kids, all pleasantly happy and picture perfect. You got an email from your favorite photo lab that canvases were 40% off through the entire month. This summer, your kids have birthdays, and it is time for yearly pictures! You’ve tried taking pictures of your kids on your own, but it’s barely successful. This time around, you schedule a photo session with a professional. You head out to purchase coordinating outfits for your kids to wear. Photo session day arrives and you make them put on your husband’s  t-shirt while they eat dinner so when they sneeze with a mouth full of macaroni and cheese it doesn’t get on those new outfits. You curl their hair and douse it with one third of a can of hairspray. You’ve practiced with them for a week in the mirror on how to smile just right. You bribe them with a new game on your iPhone and a few pieces of candy if they would smile pretty for the pictures. You have hopes to high heaven that for just once your kids would surprise you with angelic behavior…

I know all these things because I’m that mom.
Give or take a few (or all!) of the things listed above.

Yesterday, I wanted to get out and shoot for myself a bit. Obviously, I have cute kids who make fine subjects. To kill time on a cloudy day yesterday, I bribed them with shopping for new outfits and ice cream if they would go out and be camera subjects for me.

Mission: Impossible

You’d think my kids would have the hang of it by now. (News flash!) –> I’ve been shooting them very often since Audie was one- which will be 8 years this August.  All they have to do is stand there, produce a decent smile, and look at the camera. Simple instructions! Am I asking too much here?!

The Outtakes! I wanted to share these photos with you to show you that taking photos of your own kids is not easy! Even I struggle here! I will proudly say that when I take pictures for other people, it goes swimmingly well!  So, the lesson to be learned here is: do not attempt taking photos of your own kids.  Hire a professional! Even if you are a professional yourself…

I did get several pictures of the girls that I loved, including the first one below. In between the fighting, the over-dramatic nonsense, the giggles, and the pouts, there were plenty of pictures that make my mom-heart smile!

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