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The element of surprise. One of my most favorite things.
I used to hate surprises. Absolutely hate ’em. I couldn’t stand it when someone knew something that I didn’t, and secrets being kept from me. I’m not sure what changed in me, but now, I LOVE surprises! Especially when the reactions are documented in a photo.

Here’s a tip: Hire a photographer for surprises!
Do it! Years down the road, you’ll be glad you did.

A perfect example of this is having a photographer (Sheesh, I don’t know who, maybe….ME?!) to photograph your proposal to your girlfriend.  The absolute beauty of candidness in a moment like a surprise proposal can’t be replaced. And it’s a gift to treasure forever… to show your kids, and even your grandkids.
Do you desire it to be a private moment? Don’t worry. There’s the ol’ zoom lenses that will take care of that. It’s possible for me to be yards away and still capture the intimate moments. You’ll never know I’m there.
Surprise Proposal Wichita PhotographyThis photo was actually taken several years ago, before I started my photography business. (Bill planned this surprise proposal before surprise proposals were even cool!) But these folks pictured are on a roll. They were the couple that had me photograph the birth of their daughter, Graye. They are going to have a plethora of amazing visuals to pass down to when they tell their stories. I love that they are so open to having their walk in life documented, and it’s awesome that they see the value and worth of it.

If you’d like to have me document an upcoming surprise proposal (or any surprise) in photographs, shoot me an email or give me a call.

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